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Guideline on equity and fairness in rating for Queensland local governments
This guideline sets out principles to assist local governments implement fair and equitable rating systems while ensuring flexibility for raising sufficient own source revenue.
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Guidelines for identifying rateable land in indigenous councils
This resource is aimed for indigenous local governments to assist with the identification of rateable land within an indigenous local government area. These guidelines will summarise the various exemptions to rateable land to assist local governments to identify rateable land in their areas.
PDF icon 102 KB
Information required by State Valuation Service for rateable land
This resource is to assist local governments with the requirements in providing information to the State Valuation Service so that statutory valuations can be developed for rating purposes.
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Fact sheet - How to calculate and levy general rates
This resource is to assist local governments on how to calculate and levy general rates within a local government area.
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Councillor responsibilities under the Local Government Act 2009 - a councillor resource kit
The kit provides an overview of the roles and responsibilities of elected councillors in Queensland. The kit assists councillors and council staff to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding to carry out their responsibilities and provide good governance.
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Making the most of council meetings
A resource for local governments which addresses Councillor responsibilities (attendance, participation, accountability), delegation of powers and the preparation, procedures and records needed to establish effective council meetings.
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Own source revenue polices and options for local government
A handy reference for local governments which will assist them to consider their own source revenue options and to develop revenue policies and strategies.
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