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The SPP Interactive Mapping System is a repository for all Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping that relates to matters of state interest under the SPP. This system also provides hyperlinks to registers or external mapping systems maintained by relevant state or federal agencies and used to identify matters of state or national interest, such as under the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1994.

The SPP Interactive Mapping System provides a visual representation of the policies or requirements associated with some state interests and contains both statutory and advisory mapping.

The SPP Interactive Mapping System is aimed at assisting local governments and development applicants to obtain an understanding of where matters of state interest may apply in relation to their site or area.

The mapping has been separated into two systems, one for plan making and one for interim development assessment:

  1. Plan making: This mapping system contains mapping layers that are either statutory or advisory and will be used by a local government to assist in geographically identifying the relevant state interests when making or amending their local planning scheme. Consequently, it is necessary to read the relevant state interest to determine the context of the individual mapping layers shown.

  2. Interim development assessment (DA): The mapping layers are considered an interim provision, and will no longer apply when a local government has appropriately integrated the relevant state interest, and subsequent state interest amendments, into their local planning scheme and the planning scheme has the appropriate approvals. The mapping system is to be considered by applicants when preparing certain development applications and must be considered by local government when assessing certain development applications.

For further information on the SPP Interactive Mapping System please refer to the SPP Interactive Mapping System fact sheet (PDF icon 289 KB).

Not all matters of state interest have associated mapping, but for those that do, the purpose of the maps can vary greatly depending on the purpose of the use of the SPP. It is therefore important that each mapping layer is viewed and interpreted in the context of that particular matter of state interest as detailed within the SPP. Find out more about the SPP.

Mapping amendments

The SPP Interactive Mapping System is updated as required to reflect the latest information and any relevant government policy and legislative changes. For the latest amendments to the mapping system please refer to the SPP Interactive Mapping System Schedule of Amendments (PDF icon 567 KB).

Any queries about using the maps should be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please specify that the query is related to the SPP Interactive Mapping System.


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