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The SARA fast track framework is a streamlined referral and assessment process that allows for eligible triggers and aspects of development to be assessed and quickly decided by SARA. If a triggered aspect of development within your application qualifies for a fast track assessment, a reduced fee will apply to those triggers.

The SARA fast track framework helps applicants to:

  • reduce application and project costs, timeframes and red tape
  • increase certainty for applications.

When all triggers associated with an application are FastTrack5 eligible triggers, SARA will provide a referral response or decision within five days of receiving the qualifying development application.

Where an application has more than one SARA trigger, but not all triggers are FastTrack5 eligible triggers or aspects of development, the application will be subject to the standard statutory assessment timeframes. However, any eligible fast track aspects of development will benefit from the reduced fast track application fee.

Aspects of development that qualify for FastTrack5 assessment will not require an information request, and standard conditions will generally be applied to the referral response or decision.

It is the applicants' decision as to whether or not they will seek to qualify for fast track assessment for any or all of the eligible triggers in their application.

Further information regarding the fast track framework, and the FastTrack5 assessment pathway can be found in the SARA fast track assessment framework fact sheet (PDF icon 100 KB).

Fast track assessment framework - Qualifying criteria

Part B of the SDAP provides details on how aspects of development triggered for referral to SARA may be eligible and can qualify for a fast track assessment pathway.

To qualify for fast track assessment, applicants must meet all of the qualifying criteria in Part C of the SDAP applicable to each relevant and eligible trigger they are seeking a fast track assessment for. When submitting an application containing a fast track trigger to SARA via MyDAS, applicants must upload a completed qualifying criteria checklist for each eligible trigger to demonstrate that the triggered aspect of development has qualified. The current qualifying criteria checklists for each eligible trigger are available for applicants below.

Applicants should also consider seeking advice from your local office regarding your eligibility for a fast track assessment pathway. This can be undertaken by requesting a pre-lodgement meeting, or by seeking pre-referral advice.

Fast track qualifying criteria checklists

Checklist name Date of commencement
FastTrack5 Triggers SDAP version 2.0 3 July 2017
FastTrack5 Triggers SDAP version 1.10 dated 5 December 2016 5 December 2016
FastTrack5 Triggers SDAP version 1.9 dated 22 July 2016 22 July 2016
FastTrack5 Triggers SDAP version 1.8 dated 22 April 2016 22 April 2014
FastTrack5 Triggers SDAP version 1.7 dated 23 November 2015 23 November 2015
FastTrack5 Triggers SDAP version 1.6 dated 6 July 2015 6 July 2015
FastTrack5 Triggers SDAP version 1.5 dated 10 October 2014 27 October 2014
FastTrack5 Triggers SDAP version 1.4 dated 20 June 2014 4 July 2014

Should you require copies of qualifying criteria checklists from a previous version of the SDAP, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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