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Advancing our cities and regions inclusion

Economic Development Queensland (EDQ) continues to engage with the Oxley community about the future land uses for the former secondary college site including potential renewal and revitalisation options for the site.

The Oxley site is included as an urban renewal precinct under the recently announced Advancing our cities and regions strategy and presents a unique opportunity to revitalise the site to address local needs.

Although the Oxley site is a focus for urban renewal opportunities this does not mean that EDQ has now determined to proceed with redevelopment; that remains undecided. EDQ is still working towards potential and viable options.

The inclusion of the site within the Advancing our cities and regions strategy is merely acknowledgement of this work and the fact that the site is surplus to state government operating needs and will be managed either through EDQ’s renewal program or disposal to the market.

Community engagement report

Since April 2016, Economic Development Queensland (EDQ) has been engaging with the Oxley community to gain an understanding of local issues and priorities through different opportunities and options including:

  • an initial newsletter in April 2016 about community engagement opportunities which was distributed to 9500 local households and businesses
  • an online survey from 26 April to 27 May
  • two community information sessions held on 12 and 17 May 2016
  • a second newsletter outlining the results of engagement activities distributed in the week commencing 29 August 2016.

Download the community engagement report (PDF icon 791 KB).

Members of the community have expressed broad and varied views relating to the future use of the site. EDQ respects and values all of the community’s comments and suggestions and greatly appreciates the input.

As outlined in the engagement report, the key themes the community would like considered in any planning for the site are:

  • the protection of bushland, open space and recreation values
  • understanding and appropriately dealing with the impact of flooding and landslip
  • avoiding exacerbation of traffic and car parking issues
  • recognising the potential for community uses
  • providing for a diversity of housing product (but no high-rise)
  • ensuring urban design is appropriate to the site and complementary to the suburb’s character.


Download community newsletter no.1 (PDF icon 719 KB) and newsletter no.2 (PDF icon 4.05 MB)

Information sessions

A series of posters were displayed at the sessions to provide some background information and generate discussion.

Download the information posters (PDF icon 3.91 MB) from the community information sessions held in May 2016.

Outcomes from the 18 July 2016 community knowledge session

As part of EDQ's ongoing commitment to engage with the community in relation to the potential reinvigoration of the former Oxley Secondary College site, the community was invited to nominate to be part of a panel to provide local knowledge, input and feedback about the site.

The primary task of the panel was to coordinate a community-led engagement process, capturing the local knowledge and aspirations, and then to present its findings to the EDQ team at a Community Knowledge Session.

The Community Knowledge Session, held on 18 July 2016, was not a decision-making forum but an opportunity for the community to inform and educate the EDQ team and for EDQ to listen and learn.

The key issues raised by the community panel include the need to avoid any substantial development of those parts of the site that are adversely impacted by flood risk, landslip risk and environmental sensitivity.

Community members have also suggested a wide range of potential future uses and facilities for the portion of the site proposed for redevelopment including shared community facilities; an innovation, business and arts incubator; and indigenous tourism facilities.

It is also very clear that sport, recreation and environmental areas are considered by the community to be essential components of any site revitalisation.

What is the role of the community panel?

The community panel provided local knowledge, input and feedback. The panel, drawn from the local residential community, community groups, key landowners and business organisations acted as an advisory group representing the community and a conduit between the community and EDQ team.

The aim of the panel was to ensure:

  • local knowledge and experience is communicated
  • a diversity of interests is represented (e.g. renters, owners, local business people, community organisations)
  • there is a genuine commitment to working towards the longer term interests of the Oxley area.

What is the role of EDQ?

At the community knowledge session, EDQ's role was to listen and learn, ask questions, seek to clarify perspectives and share additional information.

How will information presented at the community knowledge session be used?

Information shared at the community knowledge session will be used to inform EDQ's early site investigations and will form part of the findings in any report on the possible future of the site. This could be used as part of the background briefings to independent experts that undertake further studies of the site (such as engineering, environmental, traffic studies) to ensure community knowledge is considered as planning for the site progresses.

It is yet to be determined whether EDQ will have an ongoing role in the renewal and reinvigoration of the site.

If EDQ does not have an ongoing role in the site, information presented by the community panel will be provided to the Department of Natural Resources and Mines, the current site owner.

Where to from here?

The information, advice and suggestions gathered and shared from all of the engagement activities undertaken to date is now being reviewed to ensure the interests, concerns and preferences of the community around any reinvigoration of the site are understood and considered.

Based on these contributions, EDQ will formulate a number of renewal and revitalisation options for discussion with community representatives and interested community organisations in September/October 2016. After that, it will be determined whether or not EDQ has an ongoing role in the future of the site.


Under the Brisbane City Council's City Plan, the former Oxley Secondary College site is currently included within the community facilities (education purpose) zone.

Oxley Secondary College site map thumbnail

Download a copy of the Oxley Secondary College site map (PDF icon 631 KB)

Other than temporary use as government offices during the fire ant eradication program, the school buildings have remained dormant since the college closed in 2000.

The former Oxley Secondary College occupies 19.28 hectares and was declared surplus to government needs in 2001.

EDQ, on behalf of the Queensland Government, is engaging with the local Oxley residents and business owners regarding future land use options for the former secondary college site.

EDQ is committed to working with the Oxley community to explore and consider the best land use options for the unused site and to provide the neighbourhood with a functional and vibrant space.

To register your interest to receive further information you can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Frequently asked questions

Why has this taken so long?

Since the Oxley Secondary College closed at the end of 2000 and was declared surplus to government needs in 2001 the site has largely laid dormant. The exception was when the site was used for some time as the temporary accommodation for government officers from the Department of Natural Resources and Mines managing the fire ant eradication program. It is currently being used as a police dog training facility. Given the great potential for this pocket of land, including proximity to transport, business and housing, the Queensland Government wants to investigate what the site can potentially be used for and we now have a mandate to undertake community engagement.

The Queensland Government has made a genuine commitment to engage and work with the community to explore and consider options for the unused site.

There have been no decisions made as yet as to future use.

Who is EDQ and why are you responsible for this site?

Why isn't the site just sold to a developer?

Why can't we just have a school?

Isn't this just asset sales?

What will happen to the site?

Will the environmental values be protected?

Will EDQ be developing the site?

What will happen to the existing child care centre on site?

What is the site currently zoned for?

How will Brisbane City Council be involved?

How will flooding, asbestos, traffic, landslide and waterways be dealt with?